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Importance of regression testing

THU, 01 JUL 2010

From time to time, an event happens and shows you what not to do...

On openSUSE 11, the mailx utility available is from the Heirloom project.  Among the features of that mailx version, there's the automatic attachment of content (instead of putting it in the e-mail's body) if it contains invalid characters (RFC 2046).  But since the original mailx application doesn't have that feature, you can disable it by adding the undocumented option "set contenttype-cntrl=text/plain" in /etc/mail.rc.  The problem is, a fix made in version 12.2 broken that option.  And unfortunately, the version in openSUSE 11 is 12.2...

Now, if the Heirloom project had been using regression testing, that problem would have been caught and easily fixed.  But they are not, or at least, it's not covering that option.

So, my advice for this week is : use (automated) regression testing!

Here are some links to help you with that :