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Subversion Clients Review Qct

THU, 01 APR 2010

Wow, my last Subversion Clients Reviews post is already one month old.  It was about time to add another review to the series.  The next Subversion client I'm reviewing is a special one.  It is called Qct, which means Qt Commit Tool.

Qct is special since, as its name implies, it is only a commit tool.  That's right, you can only do commit with this tool, no checkout, no update, nothing else.  What's the point of such a tool?  Well, it follows the KISS principle : it focus on offering the best commit functionality.

The great feature it offers, which I don't remember having seen it somewhere else, is called Change Selection.  With Change Selection, you can not only select which files you want to commit, but you can also select which changes of each files you want to commit.  So if you've added two distinct features, and would like to have those added in two different commit, you can do that easily with Qct.

An other solution would be to backup your modified files, manually edit the source code to keep a single change set, commit it, manually add the second change set, commit it, etc.  This take lots of time, and you can easily make mistakes.  This isn't a good solution.

Qct may also be good when you prefer to use the command line svn tool for everything else, but you prefer to use a GUI for doing diff and validating your commit.

Another thing to point is that Qct also support Mercurial, and other source control backends could be added to it.

So, while Qct doesn't offer all the features you expect from a Subversion client, it can still be quite useful in some situations, when you want better control over a commit.