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Subversion Clients Review KDESvn

MON, 01 MAR 2010

I will continue my Subversion Clients Review series with KDESvn.
KDESvn is a fronted to the subversion vcs.
Like all good frontend, it support all the functionalities of the underlying system.  So, I'll focus more on the added features that KDESvn has to offer.

The first thing to note is the GUI.  It's simple, clean, and quite intuitive.  The color highlighting will show you immediately which files have changed, either locally or remotely.  I also appreciated the fact that you always have the svn properties shown to you (in the lower right corner).  This helped me discover svn properties problems more quickly.

Another nice feature is called "blame".  This show you the content of a file, with the revision and author in-line.  No more searching in the history to find who made that change.

Also, even if it includes its own diff, merge, and conflict resolver tools (which is great), you can configure it to use your preferred ones.  So its easy for first time users, but allow power users to take full advantages of it.

All in all, it' the best subversion client I've used so far.  In fact, it's the one I use for work.  This may change since I've not yet tried all the subversion client I plan to review, but in the mean time, I have no problem recommending KDESvn for every software developer.