Software Development with Linux

10 best cheat sheets

SUN, 01 MAR 2009

You're used to the command line tools, but you can't remember everything. The famous "cheat sheets", also known as "quick reference cards" come to the rescue! Here's the 10 best Linux command lines tools cheat sheets. Bookmark them, print them, etc., but just be sure to keep them with you.

  1. VIM quick reference card

  2. CVS quick reference card

  3. Subversion quick reference card

  4. GDB quick reference card

  5. Perl quick reference card

  6. Package Management cheat sheet (covers apt, yum, zypp, urpmi, slapt-get, pacman and smart)

  7. Git cheat sheet

  8. Regular Expressions cheat sheet

  9. GNU Emacs 21 reference card

  10. Bash help sheet

As for myself, I've got a printed copy of each of them on my desk.

If you got some others that you would like to share, post a comment!