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Software Developers Are Clueless Too

MON, 01 MAR 2010

Pawel Brodzinski recently affirmed that managers are clueless.  While I have no problem agreeing with him (haha!), I think that his statement can easily be generalized for software developers as well.

I mean, I am certainly not the only one who have seen a software developer suggest a solution based on his personnel interest instead of those of the company.  When you know that the best solution would be dull, but you could do something much more fun / interesting using some other technologies, it is easy to fall for the dark side...  And how many time a software development process was selected only because it is currently the most popular one?  Or because it's the one more familiar to the person, and he didn't wanted to learn something new?

Me too, I have to plead guilty.  I try hard to be as objective as possible, but sometimes I'm not.  It's only after, when you re-think about it, that deeply in your heart you realize that you've made a choice for the wrong reasons.  Even if it was the correct choice, if your reasons were wrong, that's not good.  As in poker, it's the the result of a single hand that count, it's the reasons behind your move.  Even if you have win this hand, if you have made the wrong play, you'll lose in the long run.

If we look further, can't we say the same thing about any software professionals?  In fact, can't we say this for everybody?  It's part of the human nature.  We may (and need to) fight it, but in the end, we can't win all the fights.  Sometimes, personnel interest win.

What do you think?  Are we all clueless, or is it just Pawel and me?