Software Development with Linux

Meet the Linux Family Luca Perencin

MON, 01 FEB 2010

Welcome to the first Meet the Linux Family interview.  Meet the Linux Family will consists of interviews with various software developers, managers, and users, who all have a point in common : they use Linux.  They will brings different point of views on various Linux related topics and share their Linux experience with you.

Let me introduce you our first interviewee : Luca Perencin.  In addition to being a clean room engineer at Kroll Ontrack, Luca is also the owner of the official LinkedIn Ubuntu Users group.

Laurent : For how long have you been using Linux?

Luca : I started to use Linux more than 10 years ago, in 1999.  I installed Red Hat on my home PC.

Laurent : For how long have you been using Linux professionally?

Luca : I'm a system integrator / administrator and I've done it for more than 6 years.  I've now switched to another role, but I'm still following the Linux evolutions.

Laurent : Why did you started the Ubuntu Users group on LinkedIn?

Luca : Ubuntu is my favorite distro, so I started the group to share comments, suggestions and questions between all the LinkedIn Ubuntu users.  We have now more than 12.000 members in the group, with hundreds of active topics and discussions every week.

Laurent : What are your day-to-day use of Linux?

Luca : Actually, I work in a mixed Linux/Win environment, but for my personal home use and for external projects I still continue to extensively use Linux.

Laurent : Why do you prefer to use Linux?

Luca : Stable, fast, and safe, what else do you need?  And of course, I prefer free software that can be supported and shared with the community.

Laurent : What do you think are the advantages of developing for/with Linux?

Luca : There's a large scale support by people every time, people ready to support you with forums, blogs, chats,  and what not.  From a technical point, the code is often reusable and reused, so there is a lot of ready made tools and code available for use.

Laurent : What do you think are the disadvantages of developing for/with Linux?

Luca : Often, it's the hardware support.  Some big companies still think that proprietary is better and they don't release the specifications for their drivers or devices.  So it's a bit hard if you are using some specific devices.

Laurent : What's your "pet peeve" about Linux software development?

Luca : I don't really have a particular "irritation".  Maybe because I'm not a really power user, that use tools in a massive way.

Laurent : Which software development tools do you used the most?

Luca : Eclipse and all the available console based editors like vi, vim, or Emacs.

Laurent : Which software development tools you'd like to have for Linux (which currently doesn't exist, or no good solution exist)?

Luca : A real "large scale" easy development tool.  As I've already mentioned, there's Eclipse, which is good but...

Laurent : Any recommendations/hints/wisdom for people new to Linux software development?

Luca : Don't be scared by the "machine".  Linux is only a platform that can take all the best from your machine and your ideas.  Another suggestion : PHP is old and Perl is dead. Better to point to new languages and framework like Ruby on Rails.

Laurent : Anything else to add?

Luca : Good luck for your blog!

Laurent : Well, thanks!