Software Development with Linux

Working from a remote directory

SUN, 01 FEB 2009

There are many ways to edit files from a remote directory. When the directory is shared (windows share, samba, nfs, etc.), it's really easy.

One nice feature I just discovered in KDE4, is the ability to map a network folder using FTP or SSH. Maybe this feature isn't new, maybe (probably) it's also available elsewhere, but anyway, it's new to me.

Using Dolphin (the default file manager in KDE4), you can map a network folder using an FTP or SSH connection. Once this is done, you can then access the files from that folder, as if it was any other type of network drive.

In my case, I'm able to edit files that are on my test server (only accessible by SSH) using my favorite code editor (Kate). No need to export display. No need to use VI. No need to manually transfer files with scp.

This is a nice feature, and I only wish that more protocols will be supported in the future!